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208 Galloway Road                                                                                                           Phone:   +263 062 2226/7/8

P. Bag 904                                                                                                                            Fax:       +263 062 2219

Norton, Zimbabwe                                                                 Email:ceo@nortontc.org.zw 




  1. 1.     Preamble

Norton Town Council is an urban local authority established by S. I. 75 of 1994 and is situated 40km West of Harare with a population of 67 591 people as of 2012 Census exercise . It has five departments namely Central Administration, Treasury, Housing, Engineering and Health Services. The council is made up of 13 wards represented by each Councillor.


This Client Charter was developed through consultations with stakeholders {employees, ratepayers, Norton business community, schools, Norton fraternal, and so on}, brainstorming by councillors, management and employees.


The Clients Charter defines:-

  • the roles and expectations of Council and its stakeholders
  • fostering of trust and cooperation between Council and its stakeholders{clients}
  • protection of  rights of clients through service delivery
  • protection of interest of Council as an urban local authority


  1. 2.     Vision

A clean, safe, healthy  and prosperous municipality by 2018


  1. 3.     Mission

To provide sustainable development and quality services to our clients at economic costs in partnership with  all stakeholders.


  1. 4.     Mandate

Our mandate is derived from the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Urban Councils Act Chapter 29:15, Public Finance Management Act, Environmental Management Act, Public Health Act, and Regional & Town Planning Act


  1. 5.     Core Values


  1. Accountability
  2. Inclusivity
  3. Integrity
  4. Innovative
  5. Transparency


  1. 6.     Departments in the  Organisation and their Core Functions


  • Central Administration: – administration of the overall Council functions
  • Treasury: – providing financial management services to Council
  • Housing: – provision of residential, business accommodation and social services
  • Engineering: – to foster infrastructural development and maintenance thereof
  • Health Services: – to provide preventative and curative health services


  1. 7.     Clients


Internal: – employees, councillors

External: – residents and ratepayers, Government, development partners, private developers, youths, disabled, orphans, elderly, and prospective home seekers.


  1. 8.     Service Commitments and Standards/What to expect from the Organisation


  • Good corporate governance with stakeholder participation  and interaction with the Council
  • Transparent management of Council resources


As Council, our service standards describe the level of service excellence we aim to deliver.




When we serve you, we will do the following:-

Treasury Department

Service Commitment Quality Quantity Timeliness Cost
Property Billing In terms of Council Financial Regulations 18 000units By the 15th of every month
Bill Enquiry Accurate, treat you with courtesy, respect and fairly Within 5minutes
Receipting In terms of Council Financial Regulations To serve you within 5minutes
Debt Control In terms of Council Financial Regulations Monthly, quarterly and annually
Disbursements/ Payments Service emergencies are treated with high priorities.In terms of Council Financial Regulations Within 30days after delivery
Financial Statement In terms of Urban Councils Act Chapter 29:15 and PFMA 50 copies per month By the 10th of every month
Budget In terms of Urban Councils Act Chapter 29:15 and PFMA 50 copies By the 31st of October of every year
Audited Final Accounts In terms of Urban Councils Act Chapter 29:15 and PFMA 50 copies Within 120 days after the end of the financial year
Payroll services In terms of Council Financial Regulations and General Conditions of service By the 25th of every month
ICT Services Accurate and transparent Real time / Online or within 3hours
Service Commitment Quality Quantity Timeliness Cost
Facilitate policy making process The policy should be legal and in line with the Constitution and other relevant legislation.The policy should be ethical, moral, attainable and economical Six committees normally convene once per month times a year, that is once a month.Council sits 12 times a year, which is once per month.


The duration of meetings should be a maximum of one and half hours Councillors` allowances, meals, manpower (overtime) hours, tonner and bond. 
Production of minutes The minutes should be accurate, legible and lasts longer:–printed on bond paper-Back-up on computers.

-minute books and should be kept under key and lock.

100 rims of bond paper-Number of minutes convened The minutes should be out within 5 working days after meetings. Man hours, bond paper, tonner
Systematic management of records -Sound and proper filling. Outgoing and incoming mails. Retrieval time should be a minimum of 10 minutes Manpower of       people working in     that section.-cost of stationery
Protection of interests of the Council and Community by enforcement of law and order. Adherence to the state legislation and by-laws. Strategically positioned properties should be manned.Un-strategically positioned properties should be regularly  under surveillance 24/7 Wage bill of the security section.-cost of running the vehicle. 


Monitor and report on compliance /adherence to laid down Council policies and procedures and statutory provisions. Accuracy,ProfessionalismEvidence and in accordance with International Audit Standards.  Monthly audit reports The report should be out within 10 working days. Figure on budget        for audit section.
Human resources management. Human resources  policy-Labour ActNorton Town Council code of conduct.


Acknowledge within 24 hours and response in 14 working days. Man hours-Salaries-Stationery
Regulation of trading activities In line with Trading Licence Act.
To provide health care services As defined by the Medical services standard operation procedures, Medical and nursing guidelines and Ministry Of Health And Child Care Circulars. Confidentiality.Health Professions (Registration Of Health Institutions) Regulations, 1995. 100 per month Norton hospital admissions, 2000 per month Norton hospital out-patients, 3000 per month Norton Hospital Opportunistic Infection Clinic patients. 3000 per Katanga Utano Clinic out-patients, 1000 per month Katanga Utano Clinic Opportunistic Infection Clinic patients. Patient to be served within 15 minutes after approaching the health institution.  Man hoursBandagesStationery

Record books

Treatment reagents

Anti-Retro-Viral therapy drugs


$45-00 per patient

To maternity care services As defined by the Medical services standard operation procedures, Medical and nursing guidelines and Ministry Of Health And Child Care Circulars. Confidentiality.Health Professions (Registration Of Health Institutions) Regulations, 1995.Aseptic, comfortable, timeously attended and safe deliveries. 250 maternity admissions per month.  1030 initial and subsequent maternal visits. Patient to be served within 15 minutes after approaching the health institution. 


Man hoursGlovesCotton wool


Lighting and heating provisions











Environmental Health
To  facilitate control of infectious diseases especially tuberculosis TB treatment manualsDoctor’s instructionsLegible reports. Up-to date reports and registers. 25 patients per month served Patient to be registered within 15 minutes after approaching the environmental health offices. StationeryMan-hoursRegisters


$1-50 per patient


To  facilitate control of enteric diseases Public Health Act Chapter 15:09.Public Health (Food Handlers Medical Examination Order, 1994).  Norton Town Council (Public Health) By-laws, 2011..  All reported or recorded cases. To control enteric disease outbreaks. 25 food handlers’ certificates processed per month Check health records 3 times per week.Follow-up 10 minutes after report for formidable diarrheal diseases. Food-handlers certificates applicant to be served with 15 minutes and certificate to be produced within 7 days after application. TransportMan-hoursStationery



$20-00 per person

To facilitate business premises licensing Shop Licences Act Norton Town Council (Licensed Premises) By-law, 2011.Norton Town Council (Trading) By-laws, 2012.Liquor Act 55 business premises inspections per month Inspection to be done within 1 week after application. TransportMan hoursSationery




To reduce public health nuisances Public Health Act Chapter 15:09.Norton Town Council (Public Health) By-laws, 2011.Confidentiality upheld.


Evidence based judgement.

Attending to 15 complaints and nuisances. Initial response to a complaint or detected nuisance within 48 hours StationeryTransportMan-hours



To prevent water borne diseases WHO guidelines on water quality monitoring.SAZ guidelines on water quality monitoring.Public Health Act Chapter 15:09.

Water Act.


At  least 7 sample per session One session per month Testing reagentsMan-hoursTransport


$15 -00  per testing session

To ensure drug dispensing to patients As per prescription.Understandable advise or education on drug use.Ward Tray Refurbishment Standard Operation Procedure. Ministry Of Health And Child Care guidelines. As per patient requirements.Work stock provision to wards as per Dr or Nurse’s request Within 20 minutes after prescription for pharmacy server hatch.As per demand for ward tray.Ward tray to be refurnished daily. Cost of drugs plus 15%Man hoursStationery




Telephone services

Room lighting

Laboratory services
To do medical laboratory diagnosis to patient Medical laboratory standard operation procedures.Truthful.Scientific.



Not painful Truthful.




Not painful

HIV tests-5 per day.Sputum TB tests-7 per day.Urinalysis -I per day.

FBC-8 per day.

Syphillis test-2 per day.

Pregnancy tests-5 per day.

Malaria test

Herpatis screening-once per month.

As per request by Doctor or Nurse.Within 15 minutes after reference.  Testing kitsMan-hoursStationery


Laboratory reagent.


$10-00 to $20-00 per test.

Health Information
Maintaining and availing health information records AccurateLegibleTruthful

Official secrecy upheld.

As per instruction from the Medical Officer Of Health.



. District checklist.

Ministry Of Health And Child Care guidelines

As per client demands. Out-patients to be received within 20 minutes of coming to hospital.Monthly report sent to district. Birth records provided within 10 minutes upon request. Disease trend reported immediately upon discovering outbreak trend.  Man hoursE-service costsCards


To provide safe and nutritious food to admitted patients Balanced diet.Delicious.  To satisfy the admitted patients Four times per day:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Lunch
  3. Super
  4. Dinner

$15-00 per patient per day

Engineering Services Department
Water loss reduction 10 leakages per month 30 minutes to reactAddress within 24 hrs Determined  by nature of fault
New water /sewer connection Model building bylawsZIE standardsWater Act 15 connections per month water5 connections per month sewer 5 working days $60 domestic$500 industry/commercial
Borehole faults Water Act 21 boreholes Within 24 hours Determined by nature of fault
Maintenance of water / sewer reticulation system  According to design requirements 180km water200km sewer


Periodic Determined by nature of work
Adequate and safe Water supply SAZ standardsWater Act 150l/p/d 24hrs/day Council tariff bands
Maintenance of council properties, and equipment SAZ, ZIE,IEE, building by laws All properties and equipment 24hrs/day Determined by nature of work
Road maintenance According to MOT regulations 20km earth 60km tarred80km gravel  Within 24 hours Determined by nature of work
Collection of waste water EMA Act 4 Ml/day 24hrs/day Council Tariff
Attendance to Sewer blockages EMA Act  93 per month 30 min to reactRedress Within 24hrs Determined by nature of work
Septic tank clearing EMA Act Determined by demand Within 24hrs Council tariff
Liquid waste treatment EMA Act 4Ml/day 24hrs/day Council Tariffs
Development control RTCP ActUrban councils ActRTA Act

Land survey Act

Model building by laws.

Planning design manual

Respond within 48hours Determined by nature of work
Servicing of new stands Design manualsMOT standards  Determined by amount of work required to be done before allocation Nature of work
Council fleet and equipment management Service manualsIAE All council vehicles and equipment Daily Depends on nature of work
Public lighting IEE standardsElectricity act  21 tower lights1light/50m road length 24hrs/day Depends on nature of work
To Provide  serviced stands Fully serviced stands (road networks, water, public lighting, and proper sewer).Council by laws,

Council resolution

Urban councils Act

National housing policy,

Town planning regulations


 500 high density1000 low density stands60 commercial stands Land acquisition (8-10 months)Tachometric survey (1 month) 

Layout preparation(4 months)


Cadastral survey (1 month)

Servicing (5 months)

CommercialResidentialIndustrial’ (cost varies with location and type of stands and soil)



To provide and maintain existing parks Environmental management ActCouncil By laws  5 Every working day and evaluation every fortnight  Tools,  seedlings, water, protective clothing.
To provide and maintain existing parks Daily basis
To control the growth of vegetation and maintain cleanness’ within the town ‘s environment Public health ActMDG7Environmental Management Act

Council By Laws


13wards Tractorprotective clothing, tools, milkpreviously how much was spend/ cost per square metre


To provide and maintain Norton cemetery ConstitutionCemetery ActUrban Councils Act


graves16 adults6 children/month


Within an hour the grave should provided adultssection A 40section B 20


section 20  section 10


To read the water meter and distribute water statement 300 houses and 300 statements Daily no residentsx 2 
To provide vendor markets to the informal sector Council by lawsUrban Councils Act  20 weekly meter reading gadgets, disconnection tools, land 
Social welfare
To promote sport from grassroots level for the physically challenged and able bodied. Constitution of Zimbabwe,Youth policyConstitution of Zimbabwe


10 soccer teams8 netball teams6 volleyball

1 table tennis  swimming

lawn tennis


Daily basis Balls; nets, maintenance
To reduce new HIV infection through awareness raising to the Norton community HIV and AIDS policyHIV and  AIDS Workplace policyMDG6


20 males15 females  weekly Condoms,
To reduce poverty through women  empowerment Gender policyMDG1 & 3  1Group weekly Facilitation fees,Prizes, 
To improve access to educational facilities within the Norton Community Education ActTown planning provisionBuilding plans


1 school for every 500 houses,At least 800m from home to school  annual LandSurveylayout


To provide appropriatenessservices to all the disadvantaged groups  Disability ActConstitution  5 groups Weekly
To empower youth through peer education & IGPs 2 groups(in &out of school)  weekly
To provide general education to the community on identified issues/problems Youth policyMDG1, MGD6Constitution of Zimbabwe monthly



  1. 9.     Obligations and Rights

In line with the fundamental human and freedom rights as enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe Section 48 and 77, Council is expected to provide public services that include water, sewer reticulation systems, refuse collection, amenities, road works, and pubic lighting and health services to the Norton community.


The Norton community as our stakeholders are expected to fund council services through payment of bills and provides feedback on status with regards to the provision of services by Council


  1. 10.                         Review of Clients Charter


This Client Charter to be reviewed at the end of the year soon after budget consultations or earlier, should need arise. Revision of client charter will involve all stakeholders the same way we conduct budget consultative meetings.


  1. 11.                         Feedback/How to contact the Organisation


  • Feedback is through emails, website,  direct and mobile phone calls, suggestion box, letters, attaching questionnaires to monthly bills, regular consultative meetings, ward councillors, or personal visit to council offices.
  • Regular meetings with stakeholders, press, circulars, council noticeboards, community champions.


  1. 12.                         Contact Addresses


Provide both postal and physical addresses. Ensure the physical location has proper signage.


Contact Address :

Chief Executive Officer/ Town Engineer/Director of Housing/ Medical Officer of Health

Norton Town Council

208 Galloway Road



Tel: 062- 2226/7/8/2210

Email:- ceo@nortontc.org.zw/ te@nortontc.org.zw/dhcs@nortontc.org.zw/ moh@nortontc.org.zw



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