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  1. Provision of secretarial services to Council and its committees.
  2. Provision of procurement services
  3. Formulation of HR policies and procedures to Council.
  4. Provision of Security to Council properties, village patrols and control of the environment.
  5. Coordination of the affairs of Council.
  6. Provision of Auditing services
  7. Training and Development of councillors and staff
  8. Ensuring that Council resolutions are implemented.
  9. Crafting of bylaws and standing orders of Council

10. Records Management

11. Provision of professional services

12. Recruitment of staff and maintenance of appropriate staff levels


  1. Budgets and Budgetary control
  2. Periodic Financial Reporting
  3. Revenue collection and custody
  4. Maintenance of relevant books of accounts
  5. Maintenance and update of Asset Register
  6. Design of financial regulations and procedures


  1. C.   HEALTH
  2. Control and prevention of communicable and notify-able diseases
  3.  Provision of basic primary health care services
  4.  Procurement of hospital requirements
  5. Health education and awareness campaigns
  6.  Water quality monitoring
  7.  Solid  waste management
  8.  Revenue generation
  9.  Premises  inspection

10. Specialised services

11. Linkages with other government departments

12. Enforcement of public health act

  1. D.   HOUSING
  2.  Provision of Housing
  3.  Allocation of Land for urban uses
  4.  Provision of recreational facilities
  5.  Management and administration of state land
  6.  Provision of people markets
  7.  Registration and regulating informal traders
  8.  Provision of public Amenities
  9.  Provision of welfare for disadvantaged groups
  10.  Coordinating sporting activities

10. Provision of Educational facilities

11. Custodian of housing records

  1. E.   Engineering
  2. Provision of water and sanitation
  3. Roads infrastructure provision, development and maintenance
  4. Provision of public lighting
  5. Fleet logistics and maintenance
  6. Land use planning and zoning
  7. Maintenance of council infrastructure
  8. Advising council on engineering matters
  9. Liquid waste management
  10. Revenue generation

10. Participation in the Procurement process

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